Wyoming's Black Hills


There are a number of great motorcycle and driving roads here, especially in the hills around Hulett, Sundance and Aladdin. And beyond Devils Tower (at right, photo by author), thereΥs a lot to see in towns such as Moorcroft, Newcastle and Sundance – plus lakes to visit, hikes to take and other outdoor and historical gems to explore. Distances between towns can be substantial, but on the Interstate the speed limits are high (75 or 80 MPH), and the back roads are often stunningly beautiful. Summer storms often deliver hailstones, but tornadoes are very rare and we never see those formidable walls of green sky that states east of us such as Minnesota and Wisconsin experience. ThereΥs a really nice welcome center on the Interstate at Exit 199, just a few minutes west of the South Dakota-Wyoming line: it offers info, maps, picnic tables and bathrooms, and the staff have a great reputation for being helpful and informative. Click here to explore the area.


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