• We haven't held woodworking classes since 2013
but we do publish a searchable list of classes near you.

• We still build some custom furniture and cabinets
which we use to publish articles in major magazines.

• We publish WoodEzine
with daily updates on woodworking industry news and new products
(no sign-in, no passwords, no hidden agenda, just click here and enjoy).

• We publish books...
and you can order them here..

$14.99 From the editors of WoodEzine - available on Amazon
$7.99 For gout sufferers - available on Amazon
$14.99 For people who want to build a home - available on Amazon
$29.95 About real cowboys, not gunslingers - available on Amazon
$29.95 Save 25% direct from publisher -
$29.95 Save 25% direct from publisher -

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