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Old City Hall   We are a woodworking and publishing business located in South Dakota's ancient Black Hills. Our offices and workshop are in the old City Hall building in Belle Fourche (that's it at left, being built in 1936).

What we do...

We create copy for woodworking magazine and book publishers, publish our own online woodworking magazine, and supply souvenir books and other tourism items to area retailers. In our woodshop we build custom furniture and cabinets, and do a fair bit of turning (see us on Etsy). Our magazine, WoodEzine, has daily updates on woodworking news and new products. There's no sign-in, no password and no hidden agenda.

We build custom furniture and cabinets, and we often feature these projects as articles in major magazines.
(Sorry, we don't do any repair work.)

Up until 2013, we ran the Black Hills School of Woodworking. While we no longer offer classes here, we do publish a searchable list of classes around the country.

Here are some of the books that we publish...

$14.99 From the editors of WoodEzine - available on Amazon
$7.99 For gout sufferers - available on Amazon
$14.99 For people who want to build a home - available on Amazon
$29.95 About real cowboys, not gunslingers - available on Amazon
$29.95 Order direct from publisher - editors-at-woodezine.com
$29.95 Order direct from publisher - editors-at-woodezine.com

Contact us by email at office at BHSW dot org

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